What does this consist of? 

A 360° degree assessment for advanced level tennis players, carried out through various tests, and some of the most advanced scientific exams in modern tennis. 

Target audience -  who is this aimed at?

  1. Professional tennis players and their teams that are looking for periodic assessments to help them monitor various performance indicators, which will help you optimise the planning of your training, tournament scheduling, and reduce the risk of injury and overtraining.

  2. Junior tennis players and their coaches that wish to follow a training programme which is based on scientific data, helping you to understand your strengths and areas for improvement, comparing your data with that of other juniors in the same age category.

  3. Tennis players that wish to join the ttVianello Academy. This assessment allows us to determine the right level of training for you, and helps us to establish the most suitable training programme, as well as defining areas for improvement.


Determine areas for improvement covering all aspects such as techincal, tactical, physical and mental.